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The COVID19 pandemic has now affected us for two and a half years and numerous long-term health consequences of a SARS-CoV-2 infection have been identified. Symptoms that persist for more than four weeks after infection, termed Long COVID, result in considerable restrictions on the quality of life and performance for those affected. The most commonly experienced symptoms include fatigue, sleep disorders, shortness of breath, muscle pain, depressive symptoms, anxiety, concentration and memory problems as well as taste and smell disorders. Long COVID, as a new and complex clinical entity, poses a major challenge for the entire healthcare system and therefore requires multi-disciplinary teams and transdepartmental cooperation at all levels.

Against this background, the newly founded German Long COVID Doctor´s Association (Ärzte- und Ärztinnenverband Long COVID) is a contact for physicians, Long COVID sufferers, researchers, politicians and administrators. On 18.-19. November in Jena, the first interdisciplinary conference on Long COVID will take place. This conference offers a first-class program with international and local expert speakers and will present the latest research, as well as management advice. Health professionals, long COVID sufferers and administrators in the health system are all invited to Jena for participation and an intensive discussion. We will aim to rethink approaches to care, research, communication, training and further education in relation to SARS-CoV-2 with the ultimate aim of improving patient outcomes.