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Scientific Program

Congress Topics

  • Update on pathomechanisms
  • Update on evidence-based treatment approaches and rehabilitation
  • Inflammation-associated complications

Focus Topics

  • Participation of affected individuals in their living environments
  • Social and economic dimensions
  • Impacts and solutions for the workplace 

English Sessions

  • Pathophysiology, Pathogenesis, PostVac  
  • Pathophysiology – Differences and similarities of sepsis, COVID-19, and other inflammatory conditions  
  • Return to work – chance and challenge  
  • Evidence-based therapeutic approaches and current studies  
  • Lessons learned – Therapeutic and preventive experiences from other cases, such as sepsis, for Long COVID and vice versa  

German Sessions

  • Rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Health economics and epidemiology
  • Long COVID in children
  • Psychiatric, psychosomatic, and psychological support
  • Continuing education symposium for primary care physicians
  • Panel discussion "Participation with Long COVID"
  • Plenary session on the topic "What have we learned from COVID-19?"
  • Network symposium on collaborative research
  • Symposium for affected individuals (organized by Long COVID Germany)
Responsible Project Team Members

Sandra Gottschalg
Project Management 

Anne Kutke
Project Assistance